The VimWiki wiki plugin allows Vim to gain the power of Emacs Org-Mode without the hassle of learning Emacs. It is a personal light weight wiki using plain text data files. You can use the Powerful Wiki or GitHub Markdown syntax with integrated html generator.

However, there are a lot of commands so here is a cheatsheet with the most useful commands...

wiki management

Command Description
[Num] <leader> ww open wiki index file
[Num] <leader> wt open wiki index file in new tab
<leader> ws list and select available wikis
<leader> wd delete wiki page
<leader> wr rename wiki page

number is relative wiki order as defined in .vimrc, default 1.

Diary management

Command Description
[Num] <leader> wi Open diary index file
[Num] <leader> w <leader> i Update current diary index
[Num] <leader> w <leader> w Open today's diary file
[Num] <leader> w <leader> y Open yesterday's diary page
[Num] <leader> w <leader> m Open tomorrow's diary page